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Programming is the heart of Linkdom.   One of the best ways to measure the effectiveness of an organization is to look at its programs.  When you hear the name "The Links" it is synonymous with effective programming and service.

The three programming purposes of The Links are educational, civic and intercultural which service can be provided through one or more of the five program facets – (1) Services to Youth, (2) National Trends and Services, (3) International Trends and Services, (4) Health and Human Services and (5) The Arts.   All chapters have a Program Committee that includes at least one chair or co–chair for each of the national program facets and a program coordinator/vice president–programming.   The Facet chairs can choose to develop individual programs and/or an umbrella program.  The umbrella program has a central focus on one facet and which is embraced by the other four facets.  Activities are planned by each facet with emphasis concentrated on the focused facet.   Umbrella programming is encouraged by National and Area Program Team because it offers the opportunity to create a larger, more meaningful impact on the community and enhances team spirit within the chapter.

National and the Area Program teams have developed signature programs and other program initiatives for chapter implementation.   The programs/initiatives are suggestions except where chapters are implementing programs in which funding is provided by National or Area specifically for that program(s).   The chapter design their programs based on local needs of their servicing area.   A list of the National/Area Program Committees and initiatives are attached for information.   Chapters are required to submit an on-line report by February 1 to National on the even year and Area on the odd year.